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Premarital checkup: What it is and why it matters

The venue, guest list, and outfits are some of the many decisions that couples have to make when planning a wedding. But one important aspect that often gets overlooked is ensuring that the couple is in good health. Premarital checkups, or premarital health screenings, should be an essential part of any family planning. However, not all couples understand the importance of getting one before tying the knot. In this Pacific Prime Thailand article, we look at what a premarital checkup is, and why it matters.

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What is a premarital checkup?

Infertility is a condition where getting pregnant is not possible despite frequent unprotected intercourse for a year or more – and more common than you’d think. Globally speaking, 15% of reproductive-aged couples are affected by infertility. Couples who are looking to get married and conceive within the next few years should go for a premarital checkup to check fertility and other issues that could affect family planning.

A premarital checkup involves similar tests to routine health screenings with some additional ones. The additional tests involved help detect fertility and health complications, as well as hereditary defects. The reason why they are so important before starting a family is that some people are not aware of the health complications or genetic disorders they may have, especially if they do not experience the common symptoms.

Getting a health screening before marriage will ensure you’re ready for the next stage of your life. It’ll also provide you with enough time to discuss and deal with your issues before you tie the knot.

Benefits of premarital checkup

Premarital checkups are an integral part of proper family planning for all couples. While couples often view fertility tests in a negative way, the results as usually positive. By opting for premarital checkups and fertility tests, couples can avoid numerous problems and start their marriage with peace of mind.

There are several benefits of premarital checkups, including:

  • Evaluating the couple’s readiness for children
  • Identifying potential problems or health-related conditions that could affect pregnancy and the fetus
  • Increasing fertility through a proper treatment plan
  • Pre-planning for alternative measures, such as surrogacy or IVF

What tests should be done before marriage?

Before a comprehensive premarital checkup starts, an ob-gyn will take the medical history and any relevant health information of both parties. While the bride and groom typically undergo different tests, screening tests for couples include:

  • General health assessment
  • Blood tests
  • Gynecological exam

General health assessment

General health assessments help to evaluate the couple’s overall health status. Assessment typically includes:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiratory functions
  • Cardiovascular functions
  • Breast examination
  • Abdominal examination

Blood tests

Blood tests can help detect any signs that could result in abnormal conditions. Blood tests for premarital checkups include:

  • Blood test group
  • Serological test
  • Underlying diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes
  • Inherited diseases, such as thalassemia

Gynecological exam

Gynecological examinations are designed to assess the health of a woman’s reproductive system. The general exam typically uses a speculum to look at the cervix and vagina. These exams help detect gynecological conditions and abnormalities that could impact the chances of pregnancy. Additionally, specialized procedures like pap smears are used to detect cervical cancer.

Premarital checkup for women

While premarital health checkups involve similar tests for men and women, there are some additional ones for women who would like to conceive in the future. Women are most fertile between the ages of 18 and 35. After that window, their fertility begins to decline. Not only can premarital checkups help detect abnormalities affecting fertility, but they can also improve the chances of pregnancy.

Vaginal ultrasounds are often recommended to check a woman’s reproductive system before getting pregnant. The imaging scan provides a clear look at the reproductive organs, making it easier to detect abnormalities and causes for concern.

Risks of ignoring premarital checkup

Various problems may arise if a couple skips premarital checkup. Some health-related issues that may occur include:

  • Wasted time spent on treating fertility issues that could have been detected and treated earlier
  • Lack of proper pregnancy planning
  • Extreme stress and anxiety during pregnancy due to lack of preparation and planning
  • Increased risk of developing serious complications during pregnancy, such as anemia, diabetes, and thyroid disorders
  • Fetal complications, such as miscarriage and premature labor

However, problems are not only limited to health, since couples may experience troubles in their personal life and relationships, such as:

  • Post-marriage problems: Failing to get fertility tests can harm the bond between partners. In some cases, negative results during a premarital test may cause the wedding to be called off. Avoiding the tests entirely, on the other hand, may ruin married life.
  • Unnecessary costly treatments: Couples that are uncertain about fertility may be misguided towards expensive treatments to avoid infertility. Oftentimes, couples are not informed about their actual fertility when choosing to take part in various costly treatments. These treatments end up being ineffective, and can even result in serious health problems for some.

Even though couples look forward to being married, many are uncomfortable with the idea of premarital checkups. However, these tests are an important part of being healthy overall. While you may not necessarily want to have a health screening before marriage, doing so could lead to a happy married life between two healthy partners – and who doesn’t want that?

How Pacific Prime Thailand can help

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