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New Anti COVID-19 online platform

On May 17, 2020, the Royal Thai Government launched an online platform ‘Thai Chana’, following the approval of the second phase of easing restrictions across Thailand. The Thai Chana online platform aims to facilitate disease-control tracking of customers in shopping malls and retailers and help prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

With the introduction of the online platform, locals, expats, and travelers will find themselves part of a new normal as the country retains a tight grip on controlling the pandemic within its borders.

This feature by Pacific Prime Thailand looks closely at what to expect when heading to the shopping malls and touches on the ways the new normal might look like for people across the country.

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What to expect when going to the shopping mall

For those returning to their shopping habits, and planning to visit malls like Siam Paragon, centralwOrld, and countless others across Thailand, you will encounter members of staff holding up QR codes, either on their phones or attached to stands for you to scan.

The Thai Chana online application requires shoppers to check-in via their phone or mobile device. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Staff will request you to open the camera app on your phone or mobile device and point towards the QR code.
  2. Wait until a notification linking to the Thai Chana online application appears on your screen.
  3. Click on the link and follow the check-in instructions.
  4. To check-in, press on the green button (the orange button is for checking out).
  5. Once you have checked-in, staff will allow you to proceed into the mall.
  6. You are expected to respect existing hygiene measures, such as wearing your protective facemask at all times, staying at least two meters away from people (especially in a queue), and keeping hands sanitized.
  7. Once you have completed your shopping experience, you will be instructed to follow the same procedure and check-out using the online application. Staff will be present to help with further queries.

For members of the public without a phone to scan the QR code, staff will ask for contact details to be recorded on paper.

Whilst the online platform is still being improved to ensure effectiveness in response to shopping malls and retailers opening, it is imperative that members of the public follow the instructions and also check-in and check out. This will help authorities establish better accuracy in their statistics and management of shopping malls for people to visit in the coming days and weeks.

What is the purpose of the Thai Chana online platform?

Many will be curious as to the purpose of such a platform. The thought of scanning every time you enter and exit can become a laborious and mundane task, however, the benefits of the platform far outweigh the cons.

People management and source of information

The app has been created to collect visitor records in shops and also to provide details such as opening hours and visitor limits, among others. In order to unite all retailers, vendors, and those offering a shopping experience, business leaders are encouraged to register with Thai Chana.

COVID-19 tracking online platform/app

In addition, the online platform provides another powerful benefit. If the worst arises and a shopper was found to be COVID-19 positive, the administration responsible for the management of the data can send out SMS messages to individuals to warn them that they were in the same vicinity as the carrier of the virus and should take immediate precautions. The message will also provide instructions on getting a free COVID-19 test.

Who has full control of the public data collected?

According to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, only the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health will have access to customer’s personal information and only for the purpose of disease control.

Thailand and the new normal

With the current opening of shopping malls to the public, the new normal is underway in Thailand. People are still wary of the fact that COVID-19 is ever-present and that heading out to places where masses of people converge can trigger another wave of infections. However, in order to kickstart the economy and get businesses on their feet again, the Thai Chana online application hopes to reduce concerns and boost people’s confidence. This comes after days of single-digit cases from abroad.

For those planning to make a trip to a shopping mall, be sure to expect that wearing a mask, having your temperature checked, adhering to social distancing, and washing your hands to be very much part of the new normal when you are out in public.

What else can you do to remain safe?

As people begin to emerge from the safety of their homes or residences, it is even more important to maintain hygiene and social distancing measures.

For individuals that begin to head back into the office or place of work, it is encouraged to avoid public transport during the rush hour. By simply avoiding crowds as you travel, you will be less prone to getting stuck with dozens of other people waiting for the next train or bus. If you have a car, then leaving early to avoid the traffic will help. Traffic has increased in recent days, as government restrictions ease. Therefore, it would be wise to carefully consider your routes and timing of travel. If you can, consider staying home until new measures take place in the coming weeks.

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