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What makes a good employee benefits consultant?

An increasing number of businesses are reaping the advantages of fast-growing platforms like social media and online stores; however, they sometimes forget to address the fundamentals that help stabilize their core. Employee benefits are among the key tools that help businesses sustain and grow, as they focus on what’s truly important to a company: its people. The right employee benefits package helps with employee retention and helps attract new employees to the company. Therefore, it is a crucial element of every company’s long-term business plan.

Even if you have one, your employee benefits plan may not be competitive in today’s business world. This is where employee benefits consultants come in. In this Pacific Prime Thailand article, we will discuss what an employee benefits consultant does, how they can help your business, and more importantly, what makes a good employee benefits consultant.

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What is an employee benefits consultant?

Employee benefits consultants use their expertise to help businesses design a well-fitted benefits plan. Employee benefits consultants can tailor such plans to fit your budget, your employees’ needs, and your corporate culture. Benefitsconsultants will also advise, create, and manage different corporate solutions, such as the following:

What makes a good employee benefits consultant?

Like many aspects in the corporate world, a job done does not equate to a job done well. Employee benefits consultants can vary based on their skills, knowledge, and the way they interact with other personnel. Below we provide some key tips on how you can tell if you’re talking to an excellent employee benefits consultant.

Knowledge of corporate culture

A good employee benefits consultant will know the different aspects that make up a decent employee benefits plan. At the same time, they will also be able to recognize the corporate culture of a company and advise the right solutions to the decision maker. A benefits consultant will help in answering questions such as “should my business focus more on its wellness program or health insurance plan?”, or “how can additional benefits such as dental or vision benefit my company”?

Business environments, as well as each organization’s staff and their needs, can vary significantly; therefore, it is essential to be knowledgeable enough to suggest proper solutions for different types of businesses.

Knowledge of employee benefits trends

Employee benefits plans have gone through a lot of innovations over the years. Nowadays, plans offer innovative additions like wellness benefits or offer tailor-made plans for each staff member. For a company to stay competitive, it is vital to keep up with these trends, as they indicate what people desire, and what other businesses are offering.

A good employee benefits consultant will know about these trends and will, therefore, be able to advise you based on the combination of their knowledge and your company’s specific needs. A lower-tier consultant may only be able to give you the same old generic plans that will not entice your employees. It is essential to understand that as much as benefits can help a business grow, they must ultimately be designed for your organization’s staff, and as such, the employees’ needs should be the first thing to consider.


An established benefits consultant will be able to bring more to the table than a fairly new consultant. Consultants that have been in the business for a long time are in a position to get you the best employee benefits solutions, for the best possible price. They will be able to use their negotiation power established via years of relationship building with the insurers.

Handling the workload

By working with a professional consultant, you will also be getting someone that will help lessen the workload of your HR team. Consultants should be able to help with data analysis, processing claims, and inquiries. This thus allows HR to focus on their aspects of the business, like recruitment and internal issues. A reputable benefits consultant, like Pacific Prime, will offer these additional services at no extra cost.


It is essential that you and your staff are able to contact your consultant whenever you have any questions or concerns about your benefits plan. A good consultant will be able to handle any requests, or have a dedicated team to handle inquiries or claims. Lower-tier consultants may only be available in the beginning, and when it comes time for renewals.

Is Pacific Prime Thailand your best option?

Pacific Prime Thailand has a team of expert insurance brokers that also act as employee benefits consultants. Pacific Prime Thailand can help you design the best-fitting benefits plans that fit your budget, and aid in claims processing, renewals, and overall plan administration throughout the policy lifetime.

Having been in the benefits industry since the turn of the century, we’ve advised 4,000+ corporate clients on their employee benefits and corporate insurance plans. On top of that, we also have offices located in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Dubai, the US, and the UK, which allows us to operate in 25 different languages and be a truly international insurance partner for our clients

We at Pacific Prime Thailand are also one of the few consultants that all major insurers work with, therefore allowing us to utilize our influence when it comes to negotiating policies and premiums. Contact us today, and our team of experts will do everything that we can to ensure you get the right benefits for your organization and staff.

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