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Our new guide to obtaining long term health insurance is now released!

Pacific Prime is pleased to announce the release of our new Guide to obtaining long term health insurance. Based on 18+ years of expertise in the insurance industry, this Pacific Prime health insurance guide is a valuable resource for anyone seeking advice on securing the top health plans for covering the long term care of their and their family’s health. Click here to download your FREE copy of the comprehensive long term health insurance guide today.

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About our new long term health insurance guide

In this guide, you’ll find key information on how to choose the most cost-effective health care coverage right now that will serve you well into the future. To help make things easier for you, the new Guide to obtaining long term health insurance answers essential questions like:

  • What is long term health insurance?
  • Why is it important to purchase health insurance with a view toward maintaining it for the long term?
  • What should you look at when selecting and purchasing long term health insurance?
  • How does one identify quality long term plans based on coverage and insurers?
  • How can Pacific Prime help you to choose the best plan for your needs?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found in our guide. Download a free copy of Your guide to obtaining long term health insurance today!

What is a long term health insurance plan and why should you consider getting one?

For our guide’s purposes, we define long term health insurance as securing the same coverage for a long period of time with the same insurer, rather than switching plans every other year.  

There are a few reasons why getting health insurance with the long term in mind is beneficial for a policyholder. Premium price, scope, and type of protection are the main reasons to buy long-term insurance. Let’s give these a closer look:


When it comes to health insurance plans, the cheapest option usually isn’t the best one. At plan renewal time, you might get burned when your premiums increase drastically and you are forced to look for a health insurance elsewhere. When choosing health insurance with the long term in mind, you not only want to find an option where you can afford your premiums, but also one where you don’t expect sudden and high premium increases through the years of your coverage.

Coverage scope

By choosing the right international health insurance plan, you are not only protecting your health, but also your financial stability wherever you go, at any stage of life. With the right plan in hand, you get access to the best hospitals and clinics worldwide, and high medical costs won’t scare you anymore due to your plan’s more-than-adequate coverage limits.

Coverage that adapts to your needs

What’s most important is that your long term plan covers you even in case you develop any chronic diseases. Since pre-existing conditions are a common exception in almost every health insurance plan there is, it is often safer and more economical to stay with your existing insurer when you suffer from any chronic disease.

Staying with the same plan long-term offers you better health coverage for the money you pay. In our guide, you’ll find out in detail how to choose the most cost-effective plan, as well as how to maintain it throughout your life.

Download Your guide to obtaining long term health insurance today!

To get the answers to all your long term insurance questions, be sure to download Your guide to obtaining long term health insurance today.

For even even better overview of the cost of international health insurance, we have recently released a report entitled theInternational Private Medical Insurance Inflation Report – 2018. This report will give you an in-depth analysis of premium inflation rates seen between 2009 and 2017, and will serve you as a guidebook to finding the best insurer for your long term health insurance plan.

Any questions? Contact one of Pacific Prime Thailand’s insurance advisors for a free quote and plan comparison, as well as expert advice on long term health insurance options.

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