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Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

In 2023, companies will need to promote good mental health in the workplace to attract and retain talent. In addition, a mentally healthy workplace is one that is motivated and gets more done in less time. Wondering how to promote mental health in the workplace?

Well, one way is to introduce the importance of mental health through benefits, and another way is to create new programs and activities in the workplace that promote good mental health. 

In this article from Pacific Prime, we look at what mental health is, why it is important in the workplace, and what employers can offer to promote mental health.

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What is Mental Health in the Workplace? 

When we talk about mental health in the workplace, we’re referring to how employees feel and behave in their work environment. It includes their emotions, thoughts, and social interactions with others. 

When someone has good mental health at work, they tend to have a positive attitude toward themselves and their colleagues. They’re better at forming healthy relationships with others and can handle the challenges and responsibilities that come with their job.

Why is Good Mental Health in the Workplace Important?

Good mental health can do wonders for your ability to cope with stress and anxiety in demanding situations. The stronger the mind, the better the work; a mentally stable mind can help with concentration, productivity and more. 

Interestingly, companies with employees who prioritize their mental well-being tend to be more successful in achieving their goals. Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science suggests that certain memory training exercises can boost what is known as ‘fluid intelligence’ – the ability to think creatively and solve problems in new and unique ways. This skill is vital in all industries, enabling employees to adapt to any situation, find the most effective solutions and make informed decisions.

Employee mental health at work

What Can Employers Do To Promote Mental Health in the Workplace?

From establishing a positive work culture to opening the dialogue about mental health, employers can do a lot to support employees’ mental health. Not sure about where to start? Here are some ideas that can help you initiate the process:

Workplace Reading

Ever thought about ditching those work-related emails and reports for a fun read? Introducing a workplace reading program or a book club is an awesome way to improve mental health at work. Reading not only enhances our vocabulary and comprehension of complex ideas, but it also offers a fresh escape from work pressures. Plus, who doesn’t love a good chat about a captivating book? Giving your employees a chance to unwind with a good read can help alleviate stress and improve overall emotional well-being. So, why not kickstart an office book club?

Get Imaginative

In the world of work, we often forget to slow down and let our minds wander. Giving your employees a moment to daydream or take a mental breather can do wonders for their mental health. It’s crucial to remind your team that it’s okay to step back from their desks and take some time to themselves. A few minutes of daydreaming or quiet contemplation can be the perfect antidote to a stressful day, even for those in high-stress roles. So, go ahead and encourage your team to daydream—it might just be the re-energizing break they need.

Try Coaching

Just as a physical fitness coach is essential for keeping our bodies healthy, mental health coaches play a crucial role in maintaining our mental resilience. Consider integrating coaches into your wellness programs. These coaches can introduce new mental health strategies, offering a fresh perspective on overcoming mental health challenges. With their help, your employees can cultivate the skills needed to thrive both personally and professionally. So, embrace the opportunity to enlist coaching assistance—it could be a game changer.

Clear and Effective Communication

Strong leadership is the backbone of a successful organization. It’s leaders who pave the way, solve problems, and ensure clear communication within the team. Employees look up to their leaders for guidance, which helps them understand their roles and purpose in the organization. Poor leadership can leave employees feeling lost and stressed, so it’s imperative for leaders to be proactive and effective in their roles.

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All in all, promoting good mental habits in the workplace can help employees cope with daily stressors. Moreover, post-COVID-19 mental health issues are on the rise across the world, and one way to help your employees is by creating a workspace that stimulates good mental health. 

As an employer, you could even go one step ahead and introduce mental health benefits as part of your employees’ employee benefits program. If you are unsure about where to get started, get in touch with Pacific Prime’s Corporate insurance experts.

Pacific Prime is a global health insurance broker and employee benefits specialist helping individual, family, and corporate clients secure best-value insurance solutions.

Corporate clients that are interested in designing effective employee benefits plans for their employee’s mental health can contact us and proceed with speaking to an employee benefits expert upon contact. A range of insurance solutions is offered, including corporate insurance, group health insurance, as well as flexible benefits plans, wellness programs, and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mental health affected in the workplace, if so, how?

Yes, stressful work and workplace environments can severely affect employees’ mental health. For instance, stress at work can make it harder to manage an existing mental health issue. If the stress becomes too much, it can even make it difficult to tell what’s causing the problem – the stress or the mental health issue itself.

Can talking about mental health in the workplace help?

Talking about mental health openly at work can make it easier for employees to ask for help. When people feel like they can talk about their struggles without being judged or stigmatized, they are more likely to reach out for support. 

How to address mental health with your team or employees?

As an employer or a manager, you have to handle difficult conversations on a daily basis. However, mental health is one such topic you need to be sensitive and careful about. So, start by opening the conversation and taking enough measures to build a safe psychological environment where everyone can thrive mentally. 

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