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State of Health Insurance in Thailand Report

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One of the best ways individual consumers and businesses in Thailand can make more informed insurance purchasing decisions is to stay abreast of all major health insurance industry trends and updates.
The State of Health Insurance in Thailand Report is the industry's first-ever report that provides a snapshot of the major trends, changes, and issues facing the International Private Medical Insurance industry in Hong Kong and globally - as told by our experienced insurance advisors and 3 prominent insurance companies: Aetna, Bupa Global, and Cigna.
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Here's a brief overview of the main challenges and issues facing Thailand-based individuals and businesses in 2019:
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Pacific Prime Thailand - Pre-existing conditions

Issues facing individuals #1: Pre-existing conditions

The world is aging. Seniors are more likely to have developed chronic conditions, which make them more difficult to insure. Brokers like Pacific Prime Thailand are working harder to educate clients about the ramifications of pre-existing conditions as it pertains to health cover.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Hospital quality and cost

Issues facing individuals #2: Hospital quality and cost

Thailand has a reputation for quality healthcare at a low cost, but this can go to extremes, as expats living in the Land of Smiles often get caught off guard by the high cost of care at hospitals like Bumrungrad.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Taxes

Issues facing businesses #1: Taxes

Taxes for businesses in Thailand are varied and impactful. They also come into play where employee benefits are concerned, so brokers must be ready to help companies and their staff when tax issues arise.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Premium increases

Issues facing businesses #2: Premium increases

Corporates in Thailand saw very large premium increases in 2018. While it isn't great news for many, for brokers it is an opportunity to connect with businesses and help them find ways of lowering premiums in a sustainable manner.

Issues facing businesses #3: Competitive market for brokers

The competition for brokers is very healthy in Thailand, which can cause headaches for buyers, as it can be hard to know which broker to partner with.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Competitive market for brokers

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