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Public VS Private Healthcare in Bangkok Guide

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Even though Thailand has had a long and successful history of health development, as with other countries in the world, there are stark differences between the public and private healthcare systems in Thailand.
In this concise and digestible guide curated by veteran insurance industry experts, Pacific Prime Thailand divulges some key insights, as well as in-depth analysis of public and private healthcare including:
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Pacific Prime Thailand - Pre-existing conditions

The Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand

An introduction to the country's healthcare system, which has provided over 48 million citizens with access to essential health services and major insurance benefits at a very affordable cost.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Hospital quality and cost

The differences between public and private hospitals

Explaining the major differences of the costs and services (such as language barriers and wait times) between public and private hospitals.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Taxes

Where the main public and private hospitals are based

Listing the most popular public and private hospitals in Bangkok, as well as what they charge for particular types of treatment.

The Thailand Travel Shield Scheme

Thailand Travel Shield provides online travel insurance for foreign tourists to safeguard the local healthcare system against unnecessary debts left by uninsured tourists.

Pacific Prime Thailand - Competitive market for brokers

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