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Travel Insurance in Thailand


Travel Insurance in Thailand

Coronavirus (COVID-19) insurance for Thailand

If you are planning to travel to Thailand, you will need to: 

  • Secure health insurance with a minimum medical treatment coverage of USD $50,000 or equivalent in any other currencies.
  • Apply for the Thailand Pass (a web-based system for Thai and foreign travelers to fill in their travel and health information).

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Luma Thailand Pass

In partnership with Luma Health, individuals can apply for the Luma Thailand Pass (an inbound travel insurance plan for Thailand insured by Tune Protect Insurance), which comes under four plans to suit everyone’s needs, trip duration, and budget. These include Plan 1 Lite, Plan 1, Plan 2, and Plan 3.

Visa applications that accept the LUMA Thailand Pass include:

  • Entry into Thailand 
  • OA Visa Holders/applications
  • Special Tourist Visas
  • All Tourists on a Tourist Visit Visa

The benefits of Luma Thailand Pass

  • Available for up to a year, the plans are easy to apply for and secure in less than 5 minutes
  • Now available from 1 to 365 days.
  • Premiums start from as low as THB ฿2,276 per policy (for Plan 1 Lite: 1 to 30 days).

Disclaimer: This policy needs to be purchased before arriving in Thailand. Any medical treatment relating to COVID-19 will be covered directly with the hospital. At the same time, medical treatment for non-COVID-19 health issues will not be covered. Additionally, no claims will be paid for treatment relating to pre-existing conditions. Prices may also vary depending on each individual’s requirements.

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AXA Health Sawasdee

In partnership with AXA Health, individuals can apply for the AXA Health Sawasdee plan here at Pacific Prime to meet their travel insurance requirements in Thailand.

The highlights of the AXA Health Sawasdee plan include:

  • Coverage of THB ฿1.75 million for medical expenses including COVID-19 and THB ฿1 million for personal accidents.
  • Instant coverage after clearing immigration in Thailand and includes the period of Alternative Quarantine (AQ), Safety and Health Administration (SHA) plus hotels, and the Sandbox Program.
  • Issuance of an insurance certificate clearly stating that COVID-19 is covered along with USD $50,000 and/or USD $100,000 on an annual limit as per the Thai Government’s requirements.
  • No waiting period or deductible.
  • Premiums including Stamp Duty: starting from THB ฿280!

Disclaimer: The policy is available to foreign expats and travelers only (Thai nationals are not eligible). The age limit is 1 - 74 years upon the policy start date and the duration of coverage must match the length of your stay in Thailand. You are not covered for any claims that arise from travel to, travel through, or travel in Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat provinces. Applications will usually take 2-4 working days or less to process, and a certificate of insurance will be issued following completion.

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Travel insurance makes the best short term insurance solution for those in Thailand

If you will be in Thailand for a short time (less than one year), then your best bet for short term health insurance is a travel insurance policy. Thai travel insurance plans are the best option for visitors spending between 1 to 12 months overseas. These policies are usually the most flexible of all available plans, and allow you to choose the benefits that fit your needs whilst traveling outside Thailand.

Pacific Prime Thailand provides you with a range of short term insurance options with a simple process and ongoing support during your vacation. We can also help arrange travel insurance for trips to Thailand, as well. Click the button below to contact us for a quote 

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Healthcare in Thailand

Thailand’s health system has made quick and steady improvements to modernize in the past few years. As a result, the country now stands as a frontrunner for the title of Asia’s medical hub. The state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and internationally certified professionals and services mean you can expect a wide range of high-standard medical facilities.

Travelers to Thailand will not need to be concerned with the local state of healthcare, as the country moves to be a bigger player in the medical tourism market. The local public sector covers 99% of Thai nationals, while the private sector provides multilingual, world-class services to expats, travellers, and high net worth individuals.

Choose where to get care

Some Thai travel insurance policies let you choose where you get care. With our plans you can opt to be repatriated back home, or choose to get care at capable private hospitals.

Flexible benefits and levels of coverage

Get access to healthcare benefits to ensure you’re taken care of if you fall ill or injured. And, in addition to medical coverage, you’ll also be covered for travel-based events, such as lost travel documents or delayed/canceled flights.

Travel insurance vs short term insurance in Thailand

Travel insurance policies are also commonly referred to as short term health insurance plans. These policies are designed simply to make sure you get home okay. Typical coverage will include limited inpatient treatment and will exclude any pre-existing conditions you might have. 

Do I need travel insurance in Thailand?

Travel insurance policies are generally designed for short term visitors to a country; ensuring that any mishaps can be dealt with easily and quickly so you can continue to enjoy your trip. Of course, purchasing a local health insurance plan can provide more comprehensive coverage, and this can be an option if you’re concerned a travel plan won’t be adequate.

If you’re interested in travel insurance, contact us here for a quote.

Pacific Prime Thailand

For the best travel insurance quotes in Thailand, look no further than Pacific Prime. Our expert advisors have over 17 years experience in providing travelers and expats with a wide range of insurance solutions from some of the world’s best providers. If a short term visit to Thailand is in your calendar, don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Prime Thailand for insurance advice and a free quote.

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