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Thaivivat Insurance

As one of Thailand’s largest and longest-serving insurers, Thaivivat Insurance offers both individuals and businesses a number of insurance plans. Read on to learn more about Thaivivat and get a free quote through Pacific Prime Thailand today!

About Thaivivat Insurance

Thaivivat Insurance was founded in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 8th, 1952. Mr. B. L. Hua, who at the time was the Chairman of the Thai-China trading company, shifted to the insurance business. He believed that insurance played an important role in people’s lives and their well-being and wanted to provide affordable and accessible plans that would lower the risks of damage for all. 

Starting out with a focus on fire and marine transport insurance, Thaivivat Insurance has since grown to become one of the country’s largest and longest-serving insurers. With a wide selection of insurance plans available to both individuals and businesses, you can rest assured knowing that any eventuality will be covered. You can also be confident in Thaivivat’s financial strength, fair and ethical business model, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Products and solutions by Thaivivat Insurance

From their headquarters in Bangkok, along with their multiple branches throughout the country, Thaivivat Insurance can offer a wide section of insurance plans that are designed to meet the needs of those living and working in the country. Every Thaivivat insurance plan sold is also backed by a robust support network. These plans include:

  • Medical insurance: From small illnesses to big, medical insurance plans from Thaivivat are designed to cover any eventuality. 

  • Travel insurance: Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, travel insurance plans from Thaivivat covers illness, accidents, and non-medical emergencies worldwide.

  • Accident insurance: Unexpected accidents can be a financial burden, but you don’t need to worry with a Thaivivat plan. 

  • Motor insurance: With a range of options, including pay-per-use motor insurance, Thaivivat can truly meet your needs. 

  • Home and business insurance: While you can’t always prevent damages to your home or place of business, Thaivivat mitigates risks and offers peace of mind. 

  • And more.

Get a Thaivivat Insurance quote from Pacific Prime Thailand today!

 Whether you’re interested to learn more about Thaivivat Insurance or are ready to secure an insurance plan today, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with the team at Pacific Prime Thailand. If you’re tempted to go directly to the insurer instead of working with a licensed and experienced brokerage like us, we’re here to tell you that there are several benefits of doing so. 

 These benefits include:

  • Guaranteed impartiality: Thaivivat is one of many insurers we work with, and we’re not loyal to any particular one of them, which means we can be completely impartial when recommending an insurer or a plan to you. We’ll keep your needs and budget strictly in mind and provide a tailored comparison of your best options in the market. 
  • Value-added service: From helping you filling out forms and liaising with insurers to providing unrivaled claims support and more, we also provide many free value-added services to take the stress and hassle out of securing and managing an insurance plan. It’s literally our motto: “simplifying insurance”.
  • No extra costs to you: Where premiums are concerned, you can rest assured that going to the insurer won’t be cheaper than us. This is because insurers rely on third parties like us to help them sell their plans and are not likely to give discounts to clients who go to them directly. 

Get in touch with Pacific Prime Thailand for an obligation-free insurance consultation and a free plan comparison (including a quote from Thaivivat Insurance) today!  

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