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LUMA Health Insurance in Thailand

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About LUMA Health insurance

For many expats living and working in Thailand, LUMA Health is a well-known insurance company capable of supporting a diverse group of members from global residents, local nationals, and groups of all sizes. What’s more, their mission is to ensure that every single one of their members lives healthier, longer lives by reviewing and providing tailored health insurance plans.

With a head office in Bangkok and regional offices in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, LUMA Health can offer Southeast Asia coverage and ensure policyholders have peace of mind with their extensive direct billing network in Thailand and worldwide. Plus, the insurance company is fully licensed in Thailand.

Why choose LUMA Health insurance?

LUMA Health insurance proactively helps members to improve their health with prevention advice. By staying healthier, the burden of rising premium levels can be controlled for members. In addition, LUMA Health understands that “health comes first,” and with that in mind, the company continuously adopts new innovations to make health insurance easy to understand so that you can utilize it properly and effectively.

What does LUMA Health offer?

Here’s what LUMA Health can offer as a valued member:

Comprehensive health insurance solutions

Looking for a good and cost-effective plan in Thailand, Southeast Asia, or other parts of the world? Fortunately, LUMA Health has plans that can cover your needs wherever you go, and these plans can come with lifetime renewal guarantees. This means you will have peace of mind at the end of the day and can focus on living a good life.

Employee benefits programs

When it comes to keeping employees happy, securing group health insurance is a must, especially in Thailand. While purchasing a group insurance plan can be a big decision, the process is relatively straightforward and can be flexible. Luckily, LUMA Health can provide excellent plans for small SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. By tailoring and adapting options to employees’ specific requirements, LUMA Health can ensure all your staff are happy. As a bonus, there are dedicated account managers that will help you through the process of designing a group plan to claiming and renewing.

Travel insurance

A core segment of LUMA Health’s offerings includes travel insurance for travelers looking for cost-effective plans that cover both health and travel expenses. They are usually available up to 180 days to a year and are not renewable. If you are planning a short trip or holiday away from Thailand, then consider securing a LUMA Health travel plan. They can cover gears, equipment, and vehicles too.


“I had to get their travel insurance when traveling because of the Covid policy. I actually ran into an issue and needed to use travel insurance. The claim was resolved within a timely amount of time, and the process was straightforward. I will use Luma again when traveling in Southeast Asia.” - Michael

“I do love Luma, their employees are so professional and super nice. I was pretty worried that I could not speak Thai and how can I talk to them about the details of the insurance, but actually, I do not need to worry at all, they can speak fluent English, and all the documents are done in bilingual version (Thai and English). Perfect service!!” - Li Li

“Very impressed with the service and promptness. Everyone I was in contact with had good English skills and was most helpful.” - James

Get in touch with Pacific Prime Thailand for a quote today!

Pacific Prime Thailand is a very close working partner of LUMA Health insurance, and we believe LUMA Health insurance has the capacity and capabilities to support clients from all walks of life.

While we don’t discourage you from going direct to LUMA Health insurance, as a leading health insurance broker, we work closely with multiple insurance companies in Thailand, which allows us to remain impartial in our advice and actions. As your broker, we can also help by streamlining the entire application process, and, if needed, offer in-house claims processing and more. 

Our lean team of multilingual experts can review applications and be your main point of contact for all your insurance-related queries. The best part is that our services are completely FREE, which means your premiums are the same as going direct with LUMA Health insurance, and you get our value-added services. So reach out to us for all your insurance queries in Thailand. Helping to “simplify insurance” for you every step of the way.

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