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AIA Insurance in Thailand

AIA is one of the longest-service insurers in Thailand, offering reliable insurance solutions to both individuals and businesses. Learn about AIA Thailand's insurance plans we carry.

About AIA Insurance in Thailand

As a member of the AIA Group, AIA Insurance in Thailand is one of the longest-serving and leading insurance companies in the country. Since its humble beginnings in 1938, AIA Insurance in Thailand has gathered more than 80 years of experience offering quality insurance solutions to individuals, business, and groups throughout the country. With a commitment to always doing what is right, you can rest assured that any plan from AIA Insurance will be robust and reliable. 

AIA Insurance in Thailand has:

  • The biggest market share based on total premiums from all lines of business. 

  • The largest and strongest agency network of 50,000 agents.

  • The largest number of in-force life policies of over 7.8 million, and around 8.6 million in-force policies including personal and accident insurance as well as life assurance.

Products and Solutions by AIA Insurance in Thailand

In Thailand, AIA Insurance offers a suite of insurance products for individuals, organizations, and groups, all of which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. As a registered broker in Thailand, we work with AIA Insurance to offer the following products and solutions:

  • Individual health insurance

  • Individual life insurance

  • Personal and accident insurance

  • Corporate insurance

  • Corporate health insurance

  • And more.

With more than 18 offices worldwide, a suite of support oriented services, and a robust direct billing network within Thailand and Asia, you are sure to find a quality plan through AIA Insurance.


Looking for AIA Insurance Solutions? Get a free quote from Pacific Prime Thailand today!

Did you like the sound of what you just read? If so, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with Pacific Prime Thailand to learn more about AIA insurance solutions or get a free quote today. Working with a licensed and experienced insurance broker like us, with over two decades of experience in the health insurance sector, brings about many advantages for you versus going directly to the insurer. These include:

  • 100% impartial advice: We work with different insurers including AIA and are not loyal to any particular one of them, which means we can offer impartial advice that keeps your needs and budget in mind. Rest assured, we’ll only recommend a plan that is in your best interest. 

  • Value-added services: The world of insurance can be complicated, which is why we’ve made it our mission to help clients simplify and navigate this world. One way we do so is by providing FREE value-added services like form-filling assistance, insurer liaison and negotiation, claims and renewal support, and a whole lot more.

  • No extra costs: Many people wrongly assume that going directly to the insurer is cheaper, but this isn’t the case. Insurers rely on third parties like us to help them sell their products. What this means is coming to us brings you the aforementioned benefits, without having to pay anything extra for the cost of insurance. 

Get in touch with Pacific Prime Thailand for an obligation-free insurance consultation and a free plan comparison (including a quote from AIA Insurance) today! 

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