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Thailand Expat Health Insurance

A useful summary of the benefits and coverage of expat health insurance in The Land of Smiles.

Thailand Expat Health Insurance

Expat Health Insurance in Thailand

Since most expats are ineligible for the local public healthcare system, the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS), they are strongly encouraged to take out their own health insurance policies, which offer more benefits and coverage options than local plans.

What are the main features of expat health insurance plans in Thailand?

Expat health insurance is an ideal health insurance solution for expats residing or working in the Land of Smiles. This form of insurance offers a flexible scope of coverage to cater to the specific needs of expat individuals. Below are some of the most common benefits you can usually find in an expat health insurance plan:

On top of the abovementioned benefits, expat health insurance usually comes with other features such as 24/7 support services, direct billing, and a wider provider network, making it a more appropriate option for expats than local health insurance plans.

Finding the best expat health insurance plan in Thailand

At Pacific Prime, we understand how much difference a solid expat health insurance plan can make. Here, we will discuss the major factors you should consider when looking for the best expat health insurance.

Be wary of cheap expat health insurance plans in Thailand

While cheap premiums do seem enticing, prices alone cannot reflect the overall quality of a healthcare plan. It is because insurers tend to “compensate” for the initial loss from low premiums with inferior services, low benefit limits, numerous exclusions, and irregular premium increases. Although you may be able to switch to another insurer later on, the new insurer may view any health conditions you have developed as ‘pre-existing conditions’ and thus refuse to include them in your new policy.

Do some homework on the reputation of the insurer

Customer service quality plays a crucial part in your insurance experience, especially when it comes to an emergency event. Less reputable insurers tend to have poorer customer service and claim support. Furthermore, these insurers tend to have a smaller pool of insured members, and thus a less solid financial foundation. As a result, your premium may increase drastically, or in the worst case, the insurer may even close down.

Check who the underwriter is

The underwriter is responsible for evaluating the risk of insuring a potential client and determining the scope of coverage, the premium amount, and ultimately, whether to insure the client or not. Many insurers outsource their underwriting operations, and hence you should also consider the reputation of the underwriter.

What is the cost of expat health insurance in Thailand?

Looking for expat health insurance?

Contact Pacific Prime’s experts to learn how to find the best expat health insurance plan. With over two decades of experience in delivering quality insurance solutions to clients in Thailand and over the world, Pacific Prime offers bespoke insurance plans to suit your unique needs. Talk to us to get a free plan comparison quote today.h insurance experts who are here to answer all your questions and provide advice about international health insurance for individuals, families, and companies.

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